Mueni wa Muiu, Guy Martin (auth.)'s A New Paradigm of the African State: Fundi wa Afrika PDF

By Mueni wa Muiu, Guy Martin (auth.)

ISBN-10: 0230618316

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ISBN-13: 9781349374564

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Amhose I, the founder of the Eighteenth Dynasty, built a powerful military. He broke the power of the Hyksos by pursuing them north into Palestine and penetrating as far north as Phoenicia. He then turned his forces further southward into Nubia than Egyptian armies had ever penetrated before, carrying his conquest as far south as the Third Cataract and the borders of the Kerma heartland. But it was his grandson, Thutmose I, who completed the conquest of Kerma itself between 1530 and 1520 BCE, and his great grandson Thutmose III who consolidated Egyptian hegemony and influence in Palestine and Syria.

Kushites contributed to civilization through their art, such as painted pottery. They also introduced an alphabet based on the Egyptian hieroglyphic writing system, and engaged in iron metallurgy, which exists to this day. The Meroitic alphabet—which has yet to be properly deciphered—was developed during the final three centuries BCE and then became the written language of government and religion in the kingdom. The Kushites relied on an intricate trading system that included southeast Asia and the Mediterranean.

119 A federative link (or direct link) is characterized by an initial bi-state nucleus based on two states sharing the same colonial inheritance, and leads to the most intensive type of integration. 120 Ropivia concludes by saying that while nuclear federalism might be rightly viewed as utopia, it is on the basis of utopias that the great transformational political projects of humankind have been built. 123 To protect the continent, an African high command should be created, as well as a youth organization to educate youth about African culture and history.

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