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By Leonard E. Opdycke

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French Aeroplanes sooner than the good battle is a catalog of the aeroplanes of the approximately seven-hundred French developers who labored earlier than the onset of worldwide conflict I. almost all these aeroplanes flew a few didn't a few have been by no means even entire yet them all mirror the intense energy and feel of optimism that powered the aeronautical global sooner than the way forward for the aeroplane started to develop into clearer in wartime. If the Wrights had no longer flown in 1903, one of many early French developers might in a short time have gained the laurels for the 1st flight. a number of the machines seem in those pages most likely for the 1st time in print; others are hardly noticeable. This assortment serves as a type of great Exposition Internationale de Locomotion Aérienne; readers are invited to go into the Grand Palais, as they could have in 1908 or 1909, to get pleasure from those exceptional plane.

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85 m; wing area: 18 sqm; weight: 280 kg; 24 hp Antoinette) VII: This was a handsome modern-looking low-wing monoplane, fully covered, with broad rectangular surfaces and what would become the typical Bleriot rudder. A 50 hp Antoinette drove a 4bladed propeller. Tests in October and November 1907 showed the landing gear to be weak, and it was replaced in November and December by what would become the typical Bleriot arrangement with castering wheels and bedstead supporting beams. On 16 November it flew some 500 m, and flew often and well after that; and then it was damaged in its hangar.

The rectangular wings now had rounded tips; the fuselage, still triangular in section, was now fabric-covered; there was now a large tailplane on top of the fuselage. The same 5-tube pylon on top supported the wing-warping controls. Berger-Gardey Between 1904-1907 there was a lot of gliding experimentation throughout France; among the oddest of the machines was a glider built at Lyon by Berger, and tested by 19-year-old Gardey, who proceeded to break a leg after taking off down a steep 45° ramp while slung underneath his glider.

The 2 wings were supported on 4 vertical struts, almost side-curtains, with interplane ailerons, Curtiss-style, mounted behind the outermost struts. The large tailplane was mounted on 2 similar struts, with the rudder between them. A 4-cylinder uncowled 50 hp Clerget sat next to the pilot in the hull, driving an overhead shaft which ran between the upper wing and the tailplane, with the pusher propeller just forward of the tailplane leading edge. On occasion the Bedelia appeared fitted with wheels and 2 long skids reaching far ahead of the hull.

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